i'm about to POP!


i have been warmly welcomed into the last phase of pregnancy. officially! these little reminders don't let me forget it either.....

*it seems near impossible, but i have "popped" yet again.

*clearly aware that i waddle and don't care to hide it.

*look into the closet every morning with one thought, and one thought only, COM-FOR-TA-BLE .

*leading to a desired shopping trip for stretchy, yoga capris. stretchy being the keyword.

*learned that black flip-flops (with arch support) go with every outfit.

*hello, braxton hicks. nice to meet you again.

*have a close bond with the toilet. because i know where just about every toilet in every facility is located and have mastered how to manage two kids while meeting it.

*have a yummy, burning sensation lurking up the throat 24/7.

*lose of appetite, but somehow continue to nearly finish off a 5 pound bag of cinnamon bears bought less than a week ago.

*dream of living in a lazy boy recliner.

*feel as though i am pureeing raw carrots in my tummy most of the day. though these nudges are comforting.

*sleep, will someone remind me what that is? oh well, who needs sleep while growing a human anymore?


*get hot, real hot, which leads to being awnry, real awnry.

*charlie horses now love me and my feet.

*uncomfortableness is getting me close to the disparity that makes us women want to endure labor/delivery. close to wanting, but not quite there yet.....

*oh, and hiss....hiss. watch out, i may bite.

okay, now in all seriousness. do you know what the cool part of having endured this whole journey twice before is?


i truly know that EVERY, SINGLE, SECOND is WORTH IT. clearly an understatement. i am SO hormonal right now if i even think about how beautiful life, love and motherhood is i cry. sniff. to think i will be holding a fresh newborn baby in a matter of weeks makes me more than happy (schreeech)!!!!!

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