pulling at my heart.

Michelle + two

Meet one of my dearest friends, Michelle.  We go way back to Jr. High.  Who if you can believe it or not was pregnant with twins!  I say was because this sweet, sweet baby boy and baby girl have entered the world.  So, I thought it appropriate to finally get some maternity pictures up.

When I think of Michelle, I think spontaneous, full of laughter and fun.  That is exactly how this shoot went.  Along with some much overdue catching up to do.  She is insanely gorgeous, not that I need to tell you that, as you can see from the photos.  Heidi Klum doppelganger anyone?  She took these pictures with ease and I'm not lying when I say narrowing down was my mortal enemy this round.  So excuse me for sharing quite a few.  Every picture was an absolute beauty.

Michelle, thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture that precious belly.  I wish D.C. was a around the corner so I could meet those precious newborns.  I'm so happy for you and love you to pieces!  Hope you enjoy!


You may recognize Tameisha from this engagement shoot I did here back in September.  It's now bridal time.  She is down to earth and absolutely stunning!  A winning combination for a photographer like myself.  Makes it extremely hard to choose my favorites. Thankful to photograph such beautiful subjects!