When you are little you look forward to being 5 yrs. old more than other years, I suppose.  Five is when you feel like a big kid.  Five is when you start Kindergarten.  Five is your whole hand stretched-out, big and wide.  Five is a milestone and the start of many new beginnings.  In Ava's eyes, she is finally there.
In my eyes, this five year old came with the blink of an eye.  Sometimes, I get so hung up in the passing of time.  Fearing the hourglass and wishing for that small, silly, innocence to last forever.  But there is another side to growing up.  A beautiful side.  The side of watching her blossom.  The side of watching her become.  The side of her now.  So instead of dreading the past, I'm choosing to relish in every inch of this five-year-old body today.
In her fifth year, this girl is totally into jewelry, rocks, coloring, painting her own nails, playing "house", tank tops, giggling about anything related to boys, potty humor, singing at the top of her lungs, dancing like a "rockstar" and anything related to the Disney channel.  Particularly, the Jonas Brothers (Whom she thinks we are sending all these photos to.  Bribery/fibs come in handy sometimes. he, he, he).   If I had to describe Ava, in two words, it'd be sweet and spunky.  She has a tender heart, generous spirit, but man oh man does she love to giggle, shreek and shrill!
Five years ago, Ava changed me forever.   My heart, my love, my purpose all spread into something I didn't know could grow. 

Happy Birthday Sunshine Bear!!!  May this year be full of glorious memories and endless fun.  I love you "bigger than our house, bigger than the sky, bigger than all the universe"... and then some.

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