Jude- 3 month*er

3 months.  They are at the beginning of starting to show some personality.  Such a fun age!  Can be an awkward stage to photograph, but with more documentary type photos it's much easier.
 because it is them, being them.  no forced, unnatural positioning.  instead you get looks like "what. what you lookin' at woman."  and that's just rad!
baby chub.  nothing better.  can you see those sock imprints?
Jude likes to take his 'tummy time' flying up, up, up and away so that was a must to capture.
 that raised eyebrow gets me....one of the faves.
just a snippet of the photos we took the evening of that huge fire in Herriman.  we had no idea the extent, but it gave the pictures a much more golden hue and you can see the smoke cloud up in the sky even though we were way across the valley....crazy!


Lisa said...

So cool. You make photography easy and fun. Thanks again

April said...

So wonderful! I especially love the silhouettes at the end. And you sister looks amazing for having a 3 month old!

schille family said...

Oh, that eyebrow... that one is the best!

Margaret Bednar said...

These are the most beautiful and natural portraits. You captured beauty and heart. What a treasure.

Andrea Van Drunen said...

these are beautiful, rach.