My baby girl is on her way.  No stopping the clock or turning back time.
(don't ask what came out of my mouth to get her laughing)
And, she couldn't be more excited!
Curious about everything, asking me all the questions from A to Z.   For example, "what will the snack be on the first day?"  Ya know, just the really important stuff.
"Can I go to school already?"  That is what she asked me Saturday morning.  She is ready and since loosing that tooth, she couldn't look better for the part.  Last week, in order to prepare and get really excited we had a fun little photo shoot.  But below is the real....

First Day of School
I wanted Ava to feel confident in every aspect, right down to her clothes.  So, she chose each piece of clothing by herself.   Wow, those silver sparkle shoes are blinding, but her favorite piece.  She even chose this pose and after seeing her cousins "first day pics" wanted me to share this picture with everyone.
I won't bore you with the details of my sentimental, pity party feelings of sadness.  Just know that the eyes filled up, as I watched her walk away so bravely because I couldn't be more proud of this girl my Ava has become.  She sat in her chair with a smile.  She is ready.  Now, if I can get through the next three hours of wondering how the day went...

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