Allen Family

Everyone should be a bit more like the Allen Family.  That is not just going up here for blah, blah on the blog.  It is true.  Easy-going, super friendly, happy people who made my experience shooting them a comfortable and a good one to remember.
 "excuse me, i'm just textin...."
ha, ha the cell phone and him was just a picture for kicks, but i like it!
 I love this picture!  Seriously guys, very minimal editing.  Whatever she is doing with her skin I need to know.
You all know how most guys feel while getting pictures taken (no offense men), right?  Right?  Well, this Dad was not that way or at least did a good job fooling me.  He instead cracked jokes left and right, which made the whole experience fun! 
So, I have to tell my embarrassing moment....calling this guy Kyle for about half the shoot!  Jenny, the mom, finally put her hand on my shoulder and told me his name is actually Nate.  I still had a hard time keeping it straight, geez! He was a good sport about it.  They made me feel better by saying it got them laughing!  Maybe a tactic I should use every time for those real smiles?  But isn't this picture of "Kyle", err Nate, great.

 Here is a picture where I must of been telling "Kyle" get in closer?  Look at those laughs!  This along with the one below are my two favorite images with the genuine expressions and were the very last family snapshots we got! 
 Thanks Allen Family for being so awesome, having me shoot your family and your patience to see your sneak!


April said...

These are awesome! I especially love the black and white one of their legs!

Lisa said...

Oh I like the ones where you captured them doing their talents. What a cute family!

Jenny said...

Rachel....I don't have the words to express how grateful I am for these pictures. As we talked about during our shoot, how fast time flies & to enjoy every stage of our children's lives. I will cherish these images as a moment in time that is now captured so I can remember and feel the "mom heart swells" over & over! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Ah, these are so beautiful!! Jenny you have a wonderful family! I love you guys so much!! Great job Rachel!!
Theresa Allen

Todd and Jenn said...

These are awesome and I love all the lighting.

Kate said...

Rachel these are beautiful!! Seriously, am I reading a magazine? The Allen family is awesome, and agree, Jenny is beautiful.