Day 80

 his imagination and vocabulary are killing me these days!
call me cwazy, but for some reason i love this pic too


Rosie said...

How cute! I love both!

Lindsay Wright said...

I love both too! I just have to say how proud of you I am for trying what you are passionate about and succeding! You are doing amazing work. I wish I would have learned the way you have, but oh well. I guess it has all worked out. Its funny how "ah ha" moments come to you when you need them the most. Good job Rach! I really mean that! Hope to see you at the GNO on Friday. Its gonna be amazing! ;) xoxo

Napitime Gram said...

Well how lucky to see this Slade. I won't get him a wrap towel like a croc since he already has one! What a doll.