Pohlman UTES

these three boys happen to be die hard Ute fans.  So, I was excited when I heard the idea of heading to the Rice Eccles Stadium decked out in fan gear.  Aren't they cute?  They are my best friend's, from elementary, nephews.  Who has turned into the best Auntie!!   I imagine every mother would be thrilled to have pictures of their kids without dealing with the whole stressful ordeal- I would dig that surprise!  This wasn't really stressful though, just extremely cold.
 I love shooting kids who are about the same age as my kids.  Fun to see how similar they can be just because of age alone.  "C" was pulling all sorts of poses for the camera, just like my Ava does, and they were good ones. 
The thing I love the best about this picture is how ungraceful it is- little boys clomping up the stairs.
 The older boys faces are classic and then little "O" just trying to keep up with the gang
if i remember right, i think these boys are all 21 months apart.  can you imagine the silly memories they are going to have growing up together?
 Couldn't get enough of this one, especially in that bobble hat...

 Trying a bit a panning for fun to make them look as speedy as they are :). kinda worked? sorta?
I love the big ole' crooked helmet on his sweet face
 "Say what? I'm cute?  I know"
 Well boys, thanks for putting on those blue jeans for the special occasion and being so darn good.  It was fun romping around with you and your awesome Auntie!

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