Schaar family

Ashlee and I go way back to the high school days- full of fun, freedom and drama.  Oh man...the days!!

I thought I had met the most active kid ever to exist, my Slade.  No, no I came to find out the Sienna is even busier! 
There is a first for everything and she tested my skills tremendously.  She likes to run from here to there, there to here and then back again.  But with her Matilda Jane dress, did so adorably!  I love the picture above.  I didn't plan to have Ashlee's back in the frame, lets be honest I didn't have time to plan much, but her in it makes me love the photo even more.  Look at that face running to mommy!

 beautiful green eyes- both these girls

 this is one of my favorites
 we're done...hehehe, had to post that!  I loved the exceptionally candid nature of this shoot and Sienna's full-of-life expressions.  Thanks Ash and family, it was fun to catch up with you!


Lisa said...

So into the sun-flare these days--which is why I love the second to last picture! Plus, I want her whole outfite. Very cute!

Sanders Family said...

I love all of the pictures. Ashlee looks stunning and I love cute Sienna's outfit. PERFECTO.

Rosie said...

Oh wow, these are adorable photos!