tech woes

my scratch disk is full.  my what, you ask?  exactly.  

until i figure out how to add more space, clear stuff or upload in a different drive i can't do a single thing with the my pictures.  won't let me upload, won't let me work on what is already uploaded, won't let me look at my albums.  i obviously have photos, but i swear i don't have that many- comparably!  i even tried deleting a bunch and still no luck.  super lame.  who knew getting into photography would get me into all this technical garbage too.  I'm using the word hate, because I truly HATE this kind of stuff. 

i guess i will continue to keep taking my 365 pictures and have a whole bunch to share hopefully shortly!


schille family said...

grr. Go and get an external hard drive.. they sell them at costco, we bought a 1 TB (terebite) drive, and it is our savior. That way you can file away those that you don't use every day... My vote is that if LT gets a TV, you get a 1 (or 3)TB drive :)

Margaret Bednar said...

Hope to see you back here soon. What a nightmare!

Todd and Jenn said...

Hope it works out soon. I love seeing all your photos.