Sweet Jordan {all spiffed up}

This is my best friend & cousins little boy.  I think he has one of the most adorable little faces to exist and looks mighty handsome in his holiday best.  I had to share a few.
i adore this one
i can't resist throwing in this one too with his cousins :)


Margaret Bednar said...

Totally adorable - One just wants to kids his little cheeks! And I love the b&w silly one at the bottom. What fun.

Erin said...

Those are so cute. What a cute little boy...I wish I'd known about these, I just had a bunch of images printed at Costco and I would have asked for one to print! I'm going to send my mom here--she probably hasn't seen these of her grandson, either.

Susan said...

Rachel, Those are some darling (you can be darling when you are under 5 and a boy, right?). You are really getting good! Keep up the great work.