Sprout Family

 I introduce to you the Sprout's.  She my cousin, he her husband.  Add the two of them together and you get their cute little addition, Sidse Rose.
 my favorite images come from this big ole' tree they are tucked beneath so playfully.
 It turned out to be the perfect day.  Not too bitter cold and we found ourselves enjoying the winters air.
 There is that tongue popping out again.  Tell me what is it about a tongue + a baby that is so incredibly cute?!!
squishy leggies.  pink boots.  and...
all smiles!
uh-oh guys...... who's under there?
hehehe...just mom and dad
You better believe I made them have a few minutes on their own.  Family pictures are very important, BUT just as important (in my opinion) are pictures as a couple.  The relationship of two.  Trust me when I say you will be happy you have those memories in documentation as well in the years to come.  Ya will so just trust me!  They always make for some of my favorites too.
 But then we ended the day as a whole.  The shoot made me think why not?  Why not be out in the snow which surrounds us for months each year a bit more often?  Of course I realize it may be cold, but that is what hats, scarves, boots, blankets and all those cute accessories are for.  It is what we live in, it is life.  Snow is playful, unique and there is something about the sparse serene-ness of it all that I love.  If you can't tell, I quite liked the shoot and made me want more.  Shall we go play in the snow?!  We might get cold, but we won't lose any digits.  Promise.

Once again, in true Rachel fashion I probably shared one too many images.  Its okay, I've self prescribed it as a disorder ;).  Thank you Sprout family for the outing!  Hope you enjoy the large preview!!


Lisa said...

You've gone and done it again! Really lovin' these, and yes--a fun shoot for sure!

Rosie said...

Wow, that is such a great set of photos! Wonderful shots and everyone seemed to enjoy the day!

Susan said...

Rachel, Of course I am prejudiced, but those are some beautiful images and such fun shots. You helped make the whole family look really exceptional! I love them. They will love them always. It's nice to have a photographer in the family! Hurray.
Love to you...
*Thanks to your assistant also: Lulu.

rachel thurston said...

Rach, I love these!!! I am flying you out to take our next family photos!!! Amazing job. I am so impressed.

Erin said...

Rachel, you are so talented. Just saying it again. I love these--what treasures. And yeah for editing! You made me look so good! Now could you, ya know, just sorta shave off my mommy love handles and middle? :>

Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot. So fun to see both you and Lisa--what a perfect assistant!

I'm excited to see where you go with photography, Rachel June Handy Cowan. One day people will be impressed when I say that I have an original Rachel Cowan!

p.s. You should see all the comments people put on Facebook about these photos--raving.

Noelle Clement said...

You did it again...amazing!