My three plus one

she is liking to pose these days...for a few minutes at least.  especially, when she gets to call the shots.
this one of mine is a character.  pulling his own stunts left and right.
 (**some reason or another love this one of him sucking those lips together.)
this ones in the busy phase right now.  the hardest stage to photography 18-24 months.  didn't help we naively took these at nap time.
 me favorite of me three.  big sis is always taking care of her bros'.
 well, maybe this new crawler was just as hard and the usually happy peanut wasn't.
 love this of mama and baby
 no real success in attempt of a cousin pic, but i still think they're cute.  when they were all dunzo our trick was to whip out a peep, but soon realized that was their only interest! 
these were taken as Easter pics and somehow I just got around to going through them.  Ya, I know its nearly July!  Seemed as though all our plans were going against us for our outdoor planned shoot when black clouds rolled in, raining cats n' dogs, developing pink eye an hour prior, falling garland and then just as we're getting started realize it was nap time.  Ah, shucks.  As the sayings go- you should of rescheduled you get what you get and better late then never.


Lisa said...

Ahhh, just seeing these pics brings to mind a sweaty and exhausting hour. he, he. We must figure out somesing to do with that gorgeous garland.

Strangely enough, the peeps are my fave pics. Thanks for posting. I know it was a labor of lub.

Erin said...

These are great! I am sure they were a lot of work--man, keeping up with a toddler without getting pics is hard enough! But I agree with Lisa. I like the Peeps pic; the prop makes it more fun and definitely clues in the fact that they are Easter shots! BTW, the white floor and background--is that in your house, or how are you getting all that white? A sheet? White backgrounds are my favorite.