Caden- newborn

(anyone else love newborn turtle necks as much as me?)
 (little hand coming up on the left...she wants in too, like only a big sis would ;) love it)
the longer my love for photography grows, the more i realize i like the real, raw deal.  being at home, being a family, being a newborn...i don't think it gets much better.  it is perfect in every way.  i think its what you'll want to remember most. 

i love a head full of thick hair, fuzzy shoulders, tiny toes, big blues, giggling sis and seeing that look in the mama's eyes.

sweet Caden and family come from Chicago.  they were a family we just clicked with.  if we lived closer we'd be bff's.  i'm almost sure of it ;). thank you Bennett's for your complete awesomeness- in.every.way.  hope you enjoy the peek!


Todd and Jenn said...

These are so beautiful! Love the real and his hair is amazing. If I ever have another newborn you're my girl.

schille family said...

kinda makes me want another... for a split second ;) you are amazing!

Katie Corbridge said...


April said...

I love these! Great job Rachel!

yvonneb said...

Rachel- you are amazing. I am bawling my eyes out looking at these. Especially the ones with big sis and Caden! . I can't thank you enough. Xoxox
Funny seeing the "family of four" documented for the first time. Thank you a million times.

True*Lu said...

Awe, what a sweetie...makes me want a new one for sure! Love these pics. Great job.