Clement Family

i love this picture.  my favorite images are always the ones with more than a smile, but filled with emotion.  If it were mine i'd blow it up- BIG.
this little sweetie just turned one and was hamming it up for me.
this one would be big too!

Mom brought a crown because the little princess loves them and turned 1!
 all of us, with little ones, can relate to a few tears shed during family pics ;)

a few images pulled out at random.  You can always tell how is session is going to go in the very beginning and this one definitely went the candid route.  It is them and playful and keeps little ones happy.  This family is a pleasure to photograph!  Thanks you!!


Clement said...

You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Seriously! One of the MANY things I love about you is how sweet you are with my girls - I swear that is part of your recipe of success! Thank you for taking our pics, for going along with the the sippy cup action {what was that???}, and for getting some shots of me & my snug!

True*Lu said...

I LOVE that swing pic. Just love it.