the project- fresh baby boy

Awe.  I just look at him in this picture and wanna say, "awe".  Nothin' else.  But ya know me, I can't keep my mouth shut so more is coming.  I essentially could keep this so called "project" going forever (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc) couldn't I?  Although, I know I will be getting lots and lots of pictures of The Jude, this will complete the series.
This picture, okay all of them, make me want to cozy up and get some sleep.  Around here, naps (sleep for that matter) are a thing of the past and that just ain't cool. 
The little details of his flaky hands, wrinkly back and womb like position scream nothing but newborn.  How that phase passes so very quickly.  Ya know my favorite thing about him is his piglet squeal.  The second he popped out I he made this distinct sound and we are pretty sure he'll have a high, chipper voice.  
This could be a favorite from the day.  I think his reflection is pretty cool!  But the next one down is so serene, calming and pure- just like a fresh newbie- that it gives it a run.
So excited it's the weekend.  Happy Friday!

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