Cruz- 10 months

I sit him down...
he moves to his knees...
(my favorite- little elf picture)
and proceeds to stand up. 
you pretend germs don't exist and put a few treats on the ground.  (I never claimed to be mom of the year).
then soon realize, this will only result with a big ole' fist in the picture
so result to capturing him, being him, in all of his freak-me-out-crack-my-head-on-cement-drunken-sailor-walk
 it's not like i don't like walking pictures.  I mean this is cute.  It is just its harder.  A whole lot harder, for me that is.  And like I said, it fuh-reaks me out!
but then he gets sick of me sitting him on his bum and working so hard to stand up, so he crawls while browning up those knees...
(you might think the picture on the right is odd, focal point hit his forehead, but I love angle looking at the shape of those cheeks)
and tries to get to me fast, pulling himself up on my legs in hopes that I'll hold him.
but we are working on pictures people, so i don't.  Then he squats and does whatever he does, at 10 months.
and we end with some real sleepy, watery, tired, big blue eyes.  That is what you get when you try and take a new walkers pictures.

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