Round Three...

Third times a charm, right? Welcome to the Wheeler farm, again!
 meet Anjuli
 meet Lexi
meet Sophie

meet the Theler's.

  If you knew what was sitting two feet from them, you might not be smiling.  They were good sports!
With her hat and pearls, Sophie couldn't get any cuter
Lexi kept flashing me her gang sign.  Nope, not really.  Just her "bieber fever love"
that face.  that face kills me.
we came upon this amazing golden haze....
although a bit dark n' gritty, the combination of her there, made my heart patter.
Thanks Theler's for being my guinea pigs!  It was fun getting all sweaty with you!


Lindsay Wright said...

Good job Rach! These are darling! Those girls are just to die for! Im curious to know what was 3 feet away from them on that bench! ha ha. Gotta love wheeler farm!

The Green's said...

Such a darling Family! Rachel I love your style. I have been following your sisters project and now so happy to see you are doing something with photography. You've definitely got the skills girl..go for it.