Angie, Tate & "those eyes"

Talk about photogenic.  Both of them!  I'll try and narrow down my favorites, but for the record, I'm no good at it.
his eyes are for reals that amazing.
possible fav

okay not only those eyes, but those puckered lips
 totally diggin' and after those ducks
i had to throw this in...ha!  he was dunzo, but with good reason.  Since it was such a nice night with yummy light, I talked Angie into playing for just a few minutes....

don't these just make you smile?
So, you know whats awesome?  When you take someone's pictures and they are one of those people you could totally hang out with.  And so instead of just pictures- you talk, have a good ole' time all while taking pictures.  It was fun...thanks Angie!


Lisa said...

Little gerber baby lips. Too cute.

alison said...

Some really amazing shots - was linked here by April. I really like the one with her holding the child way up and most of the shot is sky... just beautiful.