the project- 38 weeks

Relationships.  The factor that compels me to photography.  Capturing that bond on camera, no matter what your skill level, is amazing.  But especially so, when you watch two taking their relationship and becoming a family.   A once in a lifetime journey.  In my opinion, the best journey.  A journey that they will soon find out will only enhance their love and appreciation for one another.  Well, because of this, I loved about 50 pictures.  I'll narrow it down.  Slightly.....
(wishing for a healthy baby? less time peeing?  a full nights sleep?  or less hormones?  who knows, take your pick)
Dave was essential this time around.  Although, he isn't the pregnant one he helped make the magic happen.  And lets be real, a man on some level is experiencing pregnancy with his woman.... if you know what I mean....  
showcasing the turkey timer...appears fully cooked folks.
Dave has a great, friendly charm about him.  You can sense it through these pictures.  He always seems to be happy, enthusiastic, inviting while making others around him feel the exact same way.  Those characteristics will make him such a good daddy.
This shot made me giggle.  It's as though Juno is thinking "Mom, Dad cut the gushy gaze.  Awe... whatever I'll just turn my head and close my eyes". 

Juno has no idea what is coming her way.  She is "baby" to them and those days windling down fast.  And then she has got one rude awakening.
as you near the end of pregnancy you are flat out uncomfortable.  Lisa's motivation for these pictures is winding down.  Sunday evening she enthusiastically said,"only one more time!"  Huh?  Wait...stop right there!  She is not having as much fun as I am with these pictures?  Maybe even kicking herself for thinking up they idea with me?   Being in front of the camera isn't totally awesome?  Well, I get that part.  And as I tell her to get in this position or that, I am reminded just how HARD it is to maneuver with a 9 month bump in the way!
So....maybe I shouldn't make Dave houst her up.  I can only do this because she is my sister AND it got them laughing.   I did, however, forget she is 38 weeks pregnant and this could send her into labor.  One day she will thank me for all these pictures.  I know because I'm heartbroken I never got real pregnancy pictures of myself and our family during the surreal phase of growing another life.

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Rosie said...

This are such beautiful photos! They look so happy and I'm sure it's especially because you took those photos!