the project- 40 weeks

well, i wanted to end this project with a bang.  i have been waiting and waiting and waiting to do an idea i've had for about four months, but this involves sunshine and yep....we haven't had much.  so, although a bit broken hearted, the bang will be the baby.  just as it should be.  is it fair she still has those twiggy arms?  uh-huh that kinda stuff is what i have grown up with all my life.
two glorious things happened this week- 40 weeks + a birthday.  It suited our quick shoot to the tee.  We celebrated with this coconut cake, which afterward I shoved my face with about half of!  For not being knocked up, I've had some pretty strange cravings calling my name.  Think along the lines of coconut and swiss cheese.  Sympothy cravings?  I sure hope.
so happy the birthday wish came true and she made it to 29 years without a baby.  But now i'll be selfish and say i'm ready, excited, no....DYING to see Mama and Daddy lay eyes on the little bundle for the first time.  Castro oil, bumpy car rides, spicy food, foot massages- I keep telling Lisa it is time to indulge in all of the above.
 oh and here is a glimpse inside her cheery nursery.  the colors and lighting in there makes the room feel fresh.  it turned out SO adorable, i had to capture some of the details on camera.  click on over here to see more.

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