cruzer's in the tub.
The thing I was completely in love before moving to this house was this bathroom window above.  That alone, and not a whole lot else, sucked me in.  Mostly, for creating amazing light and helping me capture fresh, airy pictures like this.
He kept on tasting those bubbles.  And each time, was the same result- a big ole' GAG!
This big tub almost swallows him up.  And believe it or not, those rolls are melting.  Sigh.
bumbie, bumbie, pinchable bumbie.  I know, after kids, where they get the term "fresh as a babies bottom". 
So, ya my face is kooky.  I've created a few new projects for myself though.  One is taking a picture a week with my kids and posting it right on here.  (It will be hard b/c frankly, pictures of myself= yuck) Why?  Because when I browse my albums I have about four pictures with Cruz.  Okay so that may be a slight exaggeration, maybe ten pictures.  You get the idea though.  I'll be using the self-timer, whipping out my remote, maybe the tripod and getting quite familiar with them again, so I can bypass having a camera in my face.  Other little project, well, I'll let ya know when and if I get around to starting it.  Hopefully, both of these things will help me continue to learn and put my self in different situations with the camera. 
(So, I know the picture on the right is blurry-maybe the left a little too.  I like it and here is why...As soon as he opens a drawer, or pulls himself up to anything he begins to bounce at a rapid pace.  Then, we see pure delight like this spread across his face.  It's him.)
As I've mention before, the bathroom is one of this child's favorite places to be.  Will he ever tire of pulling out towels, turning on faucets, opening cupboards and throwing it's toiletries out the floor?  I hope not because that will mean he's coloring on my wall instead!

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Rosie said...

Your photos are really amazing! I love them!