The Green {Gals}

Meet the youngest of the Green Gals.  Six months, sitting up, one sweetest personality and the cutest thing.  That first picture melts me and I'm not even her mom! 
Meet big sis at the dreamy age of 3.  Full of expressions, beautiful blues and need I say is adorable?!

pulling those moves again :)
 uh-oh Mom breaks out the tutu...
fun stuff to chew on....
 wait, huh? I'm not supposed to do that....
 cause you want pictures like without stuff covering my face?
 awe, well that's no fun at all!!!
learning the price of beauty and being pretty is hard work.
k, this isn't so bad
 love this
(i was being good and then in the end got carried away with bw's.  sorry :)
Despite the forces going against us (think fire alarm, being on the 5th floor with stroller, bags and two little ones, elevators are obvi not an option, walking down the spiraling staircase with lots of people and having to evacuate into the miserable frigid temps) I think we got some good ones.  After seeing these gals and getting a taste of their fun personalities, I wasn't worried.  Good times.  Thanks Green Family!!!!


The Green's said...

I looooove them Rachel! Thank you so much! No worries, I'm a sucker for b&w too!

Noelle Clement said...

LOVE these! I love the SLC library - but didn't realize that it would be such an amazing background for these beauitful girls. Damn, you are good. Seriously. You know I'm the president of your fan club, right?

April said...

The library is a great idea! Beautiful girls and beautiful pictures :)

Lisa said...

Can't believe you managed to pull these off amongst the fire bell fiasco. So cute. Lurve the colors of the chairs + the outfits +...the mom's shoes--really cute!