like toast

burnt out.  
no more 365 for me.
it was time for me to decide to stop.
I DECIDED is key.
instead of continually feeling guilty if I didn't take a pic
or crappy ones of nothing that inspired me.
instead of being fun,
it felt more like a chore.
and that ain't cool, right?
it may seem silly to have such feelings over a little commitment,
but that is exactly it.
it was a commitment.
not easy to quit
I'm going to continue on shooting
what inspires me
WHEN it inspires me. 
putting my time
and passion
into what is important to me.
planning and playing with me camera again.
may be daily
may be weekly
fresh excitement.
more of what pure and unforced is on its way.....

****phewie, feel better now that i fessed up :)


April said...

Oh I am sad to see you stop, but I totally understand, like completely... I hated that I was taking crappy pictures just because. I can't wait to see what inspires you now, yay!

Lisa said...

And it will be allll good. Although I did like seeing the little peeks into your day...