tameisha + nate

These two fit, like two peas in a pod, with a giant German shepherd snug in between.
They are laid back, go with the flow and happy to oblige when I'd say,
"One more."
"No, OK, this is it.  Just one more."
"Oh, but this could be so cute, almost done.  Just one more..."

An evening with a threat of rain turned beautiful.  It was windy (so windy!), but I dare say it added a bit more sexy to the scene.  I loved it.

Meisha and Nate, you make quite the striking couple.
And now with a couple of the big things outta the way (the location, the dress, and ahem, the engagements), I say "Get to planning!" 
{No, actually Lisa said that, but she's right.}

Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful selves!


Andrea said...

gorgeous! i've been so anxious to see these. that purple dress looks killer on her.

Anonymous said...

Even though I've looked at them a billion times-I still love them! They just get better and better. Love these two.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, Anonymous = Lisa. Just FYI

Todd and Jenn said...

Love them all. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

You are the best Rachel... Thanks for making it such a great experience for us both!

Hincks & LaTullipe said...

Great photos. These could be on the cover of a bridal magazine.

Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

Rach, you are awesome! I wish you lived out here...I just need one good family picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, then I will be satisfied! Hey, when you get a second, will you email me or FB me on how you get the light, like in the 4th picture down on the post, to look so soft and white? Do you use a filter, or is it just the settings you use....I'm dying to know how you pro's do that! Thanks Rach!

joytothefishies said...

Meishka and Nate

What great shots! you two look sooooo in love. The wedding pics will even take it to a whole new level. The emotional connection that you get from that day is amazing! Enjoy every second!!!!

Much love,

Jeff and Joy